By the use of Jobelyn and other health-enhancing modalities (good nutrition, hydration and stress reduction), many with sickle cell disorder have turned themselves into CONQUERORS. learn how you too can become a CONQUEROR, free from frequent blood transfusion, frequent hospitalization, fatigue, pain and other symptoms of SCD.


Sorghum bicolor (the main ingredient in Jobelyn) is a grain long known for its high nutritional value. A special traditional extract of the leaf sheath draws out the plant’s incredible health benefits.

African tribal culture has long touted the extract for its value in helping people who struggle with anaemia, heart disease, joint pain, and poor immune system response. Today’s scientific studies are confirming those folk uses.

For centuries, the people of South Western Nigeria had been using the herbal water extract from a special specie of Sorghum bicolor to treat people suffering from sickle cell disorder. To scientists, it was a bogus and wild claim because the disease is believed to be complicated and difficult for scientists to cope with. They tend to forget that nature has simple ways of handling complicated problems. At Health Forever Ltd, we have been diligently working to unravel the mystery behind the wonderful health restoring capabilities of this product.

How could a single herbal product take care of diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, HIV, anemia, sickle cell anaemia, malaria and cardio-vascular diseases?

Health Forever Ltd has spent the last 20 years researching into this product and come to the conclusion that the commonality factor among all diseases is OXIDATIVE STRESS.


From 1996 to date, Health Forever Product Ltd has continued to accumulate resources in terms of science-based as well as long-term usage evidence for the efficacy of this most powerful African herbal formula which has its origin in the folk medicine of South Western Nigeria.

There is no doubt that Jobelyn, based on scientific evidence as well as usage evidence and testimonials, has proven to be at the frontline in battling oxidative stress and restoring healthy blood to the body. Since oxidative stress is a regular occurrence in the body system, a regular consumption of a powerful antioxidant like Jobelyn would undoubtedly protect the blood cells and reduce the incidence of anaemia.


Over the past 20 years, many doctors have succeeded in converting many sickle cell warriors to CONQUERORS. By the use of Jobelyn, some warriors have become CONQUERORS:

We have formed a team of medical doctors and other health care personnel to assist those  willing to become CONQUERORS through the use of Jobelyn.


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