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We must come together and advocate for this disease if we are
going to stamp out the stigma and galvanize interest in Sickle Cell
Anaemia. We must work with physicians, governments and
pharmaceutical companies to further the medical advances for
this disease' - Mrs. Pamela Lonzer

Mrs. Lonzer lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA
I lived with Sickle Cell Anaemia for 26 years until 2008 when I had
a Bone Marrow Transplant. The Transplant was 98% successful
and I am now leading a life as healthy as that of any normal
individual with Genotype AA. - Habibah Haruna Sanusi

Habibah is co-founder, Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell Foundation
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When I first heard the word 'Sickle Cell', my response was,
'Sickle What?' You see my family is White. I am Italian, my
husband is Irish. Our blonde haired, blue-eyed daughter
was diagnosed with Sickle Cell shortly after birth! - Lisa

Mrs. Rose is Executive Director, HOPE for SCD,
The NNPA has entered into a ‘public awareness campaign’ partnership with
Pfizer on SCD.
There is not a more propitious time than now to be engaged and active in the
global campaign to conquer this disease.

Dr. Chavis, Jr is President/CEO, National Newspaper Publishers Association
(NNPA), Washington DC, USA
As a child, I was called a 'sickler' because I was often ill, but I
did not have sickle cell anaemia. Being called a
sickler hurt ...
I can only imagine how those suffering from sickle cell
anaemia must feel, branded with an obnoxious label by

Mrs. Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon is CEO, Fair Life Africa Foundation