We are indebted to the distinguished
personalities below for accepting our
invitation to act as Guest Editors

Prior to being elected MP, I promised that I would do whatever I
could to help those living with Sickle Cell.

Dr. Kirsty Duncan is a Member of Parliament in Canada

We need to establish a fund that caters to the needs of individuals
with SCD, care-givers and experts working on management and cure

Mr. Olugbodi is Managing Director/CEO, Verdant Zeal, Lagos, Nigeria
Michael NEBA

If everyone could set aside 1% of their budget to
advance a sickle cell cause, a lot can be achieved

Dr. Michael Neba is Co-Founder, Fr John-Kolkman Sickle Cell Foundation,
Guest Editors 2014

I was filled with such gene-phoba that I started the catechism of
genotype verification before marriage

Dr. Osunkiyesi is Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Lagos State, Nigeria
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