steve ryan clarke
Steve Ryan CLARKE

'My wife and I have put our passion and energy into ending the
ravages of sickle cell disease by championing a campaign to find a
cure for sickle cell, The Ryan Clark's Cure League.  We are
working hand in hand with the University of Pittsburgh, USA, and
the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  (UPMC).'

Mr. Clark is a National Football League player with Pittsburgh Steelers
Football Club, Pittsburgh, USA

As a Pastor, I have been involved with both the spiritual and
emotional dimension of sickle cell management.
My heart goes out to all who find themselves under the thrall of this
challenge. Folks with sickle cell deserve our love, care and very
special attention. We will do our best for every one of them.

Ighodalo is Senior Pastor, Trinity House, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
ituah ighodalo
Juliet Lami USOROH

'Many may have heard of sickle cell, but very few know what it really
entails to live with it.
Sickle Cell awareness should proceed from primary school.'

Mrs. Usoroh is Principal Partner in the Law Firm of Umaru-Usoroh & Co., Jos,
Nigeria and Co-ordinator, Value for Life Initiative, a Sickle cell Support Group
juliet lami usoro
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mopelola taiwo adisa
Mopelola Taiwo ADISA

We need lots of awareness campaigns to educate our youths about
making informed marital choices.
Families raising members with Sickle Cell Disorder also need
ongoing counseling..

Mrs. Adisa is District Chairman, Inner Wheel International District 911 Nigeria
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