April - June 2012
1. WORLD: Sickle Cell organizations celebrate United Nations Sickle Cell Day
2. NIGERIA: Veteran Lab Scientist marries two with sickle cell anaemia!
3. NICOSAN:  'Nigeria's Economic & Financial Crimes Commission twice grilled me over
fall of Nicosan' - Iretiolu Oniyide, Managing Director, Xechem Pharmaceuticals
4. HUMAN RIGHTS: Pastor raising several children with sickle cell sues Wema Bank Plc
for violation of human rights
5. AVASCULAR NECROSIS: Best treatment options
6. Value For Life initiative: V4L to launch sickle cell book corner at schools in Plateau
State of Nigeria
7. USA: GOING NATURAL -Tamika Moseley says natural supplements best for
chidlren and adults living the challenge of SCD
1. USA: .One year after bone marrow transplant, Nigeria's first adult recipient awaits
USA: Apostle of Plasmapheresis, CPPC Boss Rev Furquan Stafford Sr says procedure
is filled with untapped potential
USA: Author PAllen Jones bares sickle cell experience in I Only Cry At Night
NIGERIA: Desperate to be married, couple begs laboratory scientist to falsify
genotype result
ITALY: Children receive free bone marrow cure for sickle cell disease
6. Psychotherapy for SCD

7. Wale Fanu clocks 62, counts the cost of surviving the sickle
REGULARS: Help & Advice, Interviews, Arts, Research
July- Sept 2012
January - March 2012
1. Hazards of Sickle Cell Trait (SCT): In some instances, SCT triggers
pain - and worse - to rival sickle cell anaemia
2. How
SCT landed US Army SFC in Big Trouble
3. A Special Day in the Life of Lab Scientist Simeon Ibekwe: The sickling
gene he thought existed only in books shows up in routine investigation
4. Onikoyi-Laguda, 87, has not had SS-crises in more than 40 years
5. Ex-Vice Chancellor Oyewale Tomori recalls first encounter with sickle
cell crises
Help & Advice on Sickle Cell Retinopathy, Adult Bed-wetting
1. BRAZIL: Brazilian scientists cure adults of sickle cell. Elvis
Silva Magalhães makes history as oldest individual to be cured!

: Just how did sickle cell worm its way to Brazil?
UK: Lola Alanamu, 1st Class African History student credits
African herbs for taming the sickle
NIGERIA: Giant of Africa rumbles awake. Watershed Bill
Goes Before National Assembly. New-Born Genetic Screening:
Governor Isiaka Ajimobi’s government commences screening for
neonates in Oyo State
TANZANIA: Doctor Wins Award For Sickle Cell Research
GHANA: Beautician Pat Odwui’s strategy for keeping the
sickle out
GENETIC COUNSELLING: Victoria Salami, All-Round
Counsellor of University College Hospital, Ibadan ..... A critical
assessment of Counselling in
7. CANCER: Complete, Drugless Health Restoration With Lots
of Water, Lots of Fruits and Vegetables
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October-December 2012
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