1. NIGERIA: World's highest SCD-endemic country slides to the bottom in
global visibility
2. BRAZIL: Brazil enriches Ghana with $13m  for Sickle Cell Centre
3.  Genotype Defeats Love: 'Falling In Love Not the First Thing For Me' -
Mathematics graduate Aduralere Giwa
Love Defeats Genotype: 'No one can predict who they will fall in love
with but ... 'SCD- soldier Phyllis Zachery-Thomas
Legal Action: Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria Threatens Sickle Cell
News & World Report
with Libel Suit
Help & Advice: your risk of IRON OVERLOAD from Blood Transfusion
Tribute: Doctors said he would never grow above 3 feet nor live beyond
the age of 5. Yet he defied both odds
1. CHILD ABUSE: ‘Nike Opalemo's startling redefinition of the concept of CHILD ABUSE
2. Unwelcome Visitor: how ‘Priapism’ swelled the vocabulary of one family
3. NEWS: 2 sisters receive three million pound damages
4. CONTRACEPTION: Should people with sickle cell make use of contraception?
5. All about
6. ARTS: Though the doctor said she would not live to 13 years (and other unpalatable things
besides), Shirley Renee just clocked 55
7. METAPHYSICS of Healing: professional caterer employs mind and nature to stay perfectly
8. IN MEMORIAM: he came, he saw, he conquered - Chief Adeseun Ogundoyin (1940 - 1991)
1. INVESTIGATION: Testimonies of genotype change by divine intervention have become too many to
ignore. Are these reports real or is religion hoodwinking science?
2. OPINION: What do doctors say about genotype change by God's grace alone?
3. PASTORAL GOOF: The man of God says the child may have gone to Hell
4. One Reverend Gentleman's canon of sickle cell eradication
5. 3rd UN Sickle Cell Day: Maidunama Foundation pushes sickle cell to fore of public attention
1. AGAINST ALL ODDS: Diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia after she had given birth to all her six
children, Alhaja Onikoyi-Laguda turned 86 1st November 2011!
2. THE WAGES OF DISOBEDIENCE: Family turns harrowing experience into lesson for all nations?
3.DISGUISED IGNORANCE: Ex-Deputy Governor Lagos State of Nigeria Princess Adebisi Sarah
Sosan lets drop she does not know her own genotype
4. ALL YOU NEED KNOW about blood transfusion
. Dr. Emma Asiam Umobong discourses on the benefits of water for sickle cell
SCDAA: Sickle Cell Disease Association of America appoints Sickle Cell News media partner
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