1. How My Daughter Was Cured of Sickle Cell  Anaemia' - US Air
Force Captain Mulumba
2. Hip! Hip!! ... Money answers for all things, but lack of it at a
crucial time helped
Lola Mustapha’s hip to heal without surgery
3. CATERER OF EXCELLENCE: Dupe Popoola finds fulfilment
working for herself after brushes with social stereotypes on sickle
4.FORBEARANCE: Pastor Yinka Salami’s life proves grace
supersedes loss
5. REGULARS: News, Help & Advice, Research
Jan-March 2010
1. NIGERIA: Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala's administration pioneers Newborn Genetic
2. ENGLAND:  A child’s many, many strokes - and his full recovery
3. ENGLAND: Youth group makes huge waves breaking the silence on sickle cell
4. GHANA: 400 000 live with SS in Ghana
5. MENINGITIS: How meningitis yanked man from Ivory Tower to  Poultry Farm
6. CAREFULNESS NOT ENOUGH: Astute nurse’s firm resolve proves sickle cell would not come
to you - except you got it coming
7. RESEARCH: Bias for the Girls: why Sickle Cell Disorder is often kinder on the female sex
April-June 2010
3.  NIGERIA:  Funso Sobande de-fangs Sickle Cell with physique
4. EYE-WITNESS: 'I nearly lost my sight to sickling!'
5. USA;
28-year old states why she would rather not use artificial shoulders  for now
6. VAMPIRE!: Her neighbour thinks she sucks the child's blood - otherwise why would the
child be transfused so frequently?
7. Riding The Sickle Saddle: The doctors said he would not live to 20, Film-maker Wale
Fanu clocked 60 last April
8. TRIBUTE: Imade Nickie Asemota
July-September 2010
1. NIGERIA's sickle cell czar, haematology  Profesor Olu Akinyanju says no need for a new
national sickle cell network
2. 'A loveless is marriage is preferable to continuously witnessing the suffering of a child!' -
Bala Shuaibu, Chairman,
Sickle Cell Humanitarian Organization, Katsina
3. RESEARCH: Otunba Tuwase National Paediatic Centre delves into research
BAHRAIN: country on the edge of eliminating sickle cell
5. RAPED: Gertrude was sexually molested at the age of 6, and then routine tests showed she
suffers from sickle cell anaemia!
2010 Editions
October-December 2010
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