1. Double Trouble For Orphan: Living with sickle cell, living with HIV/AIDS
2. 'Only God Can Feel This Pain' - Ade Aluko, 29
'The Withering Tree May Outlive the Sapling' - young mother facing rejection by spouse
and family
4. '
Cure for SS now available, but you don't jump into raging sea just because you have a life
t. Caution is still the watchword' - Dr. Leke Pitan, former Lagos State Commissioner for
5. Help and Advice: I refused treatment for TB/My friend wants to avoid the sickle cell gene at
all costs - her strategy disturbs me!
July - Sep 2008
Oct - Dec 2008
1. Sickle Cell Disorder - what it is, what you can do about it
Why you should know your genotype before marriage - Dr.
Oluwakemi Oluwatuyi
3. 'How I overcame priapism-induced impotence' - Eddie Diaso
4. 'Next time around, God should make me a 'sickler'' - Della Seneadza
'My 78-year battle with sickle cell' - Pa Olajiire Omosanya
6. 'I'm in Pain 24/7, but Sickle Cell Can't Stop Me' -  Chairman,
Chriestlieb Plc
7. Genetic Counsellors in West Africa
1. A Family's Yoke of Pain
2. 'We Kept The Baby to Save Our Marriage'
3. PRIAPISM: what you need to do
4. 'No-one told me I could pass on SS to my offspring!'
Interview with Mayowa Adeyemi, Rotarian, NGO technocrat, Executive Secretary, The Sonny
Kuku Foundation
6. Help & Advice: 'Am I right to lie about my genotype?'
7. Sickle Cell Clubs in West Africa
1. Vital Information For Teachers
. Premarital Tests Become Mandatory in Saudi Arabia
. Nassarawa State Provides Free Genotype Screening To Citizens
4.  Historic Bone Marrow Transplantation Seminar in Abuja, NIGERIA
5. Ivelisse Morales translates MENACE IN MY BLOOD - my affliction with sickle cell
anemia into Spanish
6. How To Live With Sickle Cell Disorder
(Book Feature)
April - June 2008
2008 Editions
Jan - March 2008
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